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A life coach will help you design goals for improving the quality of all aspects of your life and develop multiple strategies for achieving those goals.  The role of the life coach is to help you find your own solutions, guiding you into a more desirable future.  Your personal coach will assist you in the areas of career, relationships, health & wellness, motivation and habit change, and more.  At Best Foot Forward you will be coached in an attentive and respectful manner, without judgment or attempt to influence.  Owner Lynne M. Radiches brings decades of personal and professional experience and insight to her coaching practice.  Lynne sees the potential in everyone and offers personal coaching and mentoring to help you create a healthier and happier life for yourself.
Life Coaching and Mediation Services
Best Foot Forward
Mediation is a voluntary process through which people work together to achieve common ground on issues which divide them.  For a couple involved in a divorce, such issues might include a parenting plan, division of property, and child support, to name a few.  The role of the Mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties as a neutral third-party so that the parties can creat their own solutions.  By working together in a spirit of cooperation, the parties retain the power to make decisions about their future, and that of their children, without unnecessary involvement of the court.

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